Indian Chinese Cuisine

Whilst the Chinese have been visiting India for millennia in search of Buddhist teaching, Yang Tai Chow was the first recorded Chinese to migrate to India for better prospects. In 1778 he put down roots in Kolkata, or Calcutta, then the capital of British India, the easiest accessible metropolitan area from China by land.

The Chinese community slowly mushroomed into an entire "Chinatown" located around Calcutta. Most of these immigrants were of Hakka orgin. This place still boasts a number of Chinese restaurants specializing in Hakka cuisine and Indian Chinese variants.

With the arrival of the Chinese, the Indian culinary world was enriched by a new fangled cuisine that was of foreign origin yet spicy and tasty like theirown food. And new restaurants mushroomed all over the city, and legends started offering newer dishes with fancier combinations and with exotic names like August Moon Rolls and Fiery Dragon Chicken.

Clearly the ingredients are what distinguish 'Indian' Chinese from real Chinese food. While the cooking methods remain the same, what goes in is quite different. Besides the use of locally available vegetables and meats, it's the use of condiments like garam masalas (a selection of hand pounded or whole spices), corn flour for thickening and coating, Chinese Seasoning, an overdose of chili, garlic and ginger, and generous portions of soy sauce to top it all off that gives 'Indian' Chinese food that special robust and spicy flavor.

The now famous Indian Chinese Cuisine that has grabbed the culinary fancy across India is actually an adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes.

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