All you Need to Know About Basement Conversions

More and more UK homeowners are turning away from the traditional extension when they are looking to increase their living space, and with a basement conversion, you can add to your living space, and it won’t break the bank.

Types of Building Conversions

There are 3 ways you can add living space to your home with a conversion:

  1. Loft Conversion
  2. Basement Conversion
  3. Garage Conversion

Of course, not everyone has a basement, but if you do, then this is probably the best avenue to pursue. Finding out basement conversion cost in Bath couldn’t be any easier, as there is a local specialist who would be happy to pay you a home visit and quote for the project.

Damp Issues

Of course, your basement will require damp proofing, and that’s where the experts come in, and once the basement has been treated to prevent damp, the conversion work can begin.

Range of Uses

Your basement can be used for any of the following:

  • Extra Living Room
  • Additional bedrooms
  • Office Space
  • Man Cave
  • Storage Facility

Once you locate an established cellar conversion specialist, they would be happy to discuss design, and with their hands-on experience, nothing is impossible.

Cost Effective

Having a basement converted is a very cost-effective way to increase your living space, and with bespoke solutions, you can have the basement transformed into a room (or rooms) that are specifically designed with you in mind.

If you would like to explore the potential that a basement conversion offers, an online search will put you in touch with the right builder.