Six Reasons to Use Food Steamers in your Commercial Kitchen

Steaming is a healthy cooking method. Food steamers are easy to use and flexible. They help you save time in the kitchen and provide many benefits to consumers. If you are looking for restaurant equipment for sale in miami, a food steamer should be on your list. The main benefits of steaming food include the following:

Makes Cooking Fast and Easy

Steamers make the cooking process fast and easy. This a benefit you want to enjoy if you are running a commercial kitchen to ensure you attend to your customers’ orders the fastest time possible. Food steamers work by locking in steam that cooks the food in only a few minutes. As a result, you will be able to save time, energy, and money in using steamers. Steaming food saves energy because you can cook various types of food all at once. Below are the main benefits of using a food steamer:

Preserves Nutrients in Food

By steam food, you can be sure you don’t lose the nutrients in the ingredients. Food steamers lock in natural minerals and vitamins that make the food you serve healthier. In fact, it also locks in the flavor of the food and preserves its taste through the cooking process.

Requires Minimal Supervision

When compared to cooking food over an oven or stove, using food steamers requires little supervision. You don’t have to check the food frequently and worry about it getting overcooked or burnt. Usually, food steamers are equipped with a timer so you can serve your customers with perfectly steamed food.

Preserves the Color and Structure of the Food

One of the best things about food steamers is that they keep the food’s natural color, especially in vegetables. When you cook over high heat or a stove, vegetables can lose their bright colors and look dull. Also, cooking foods in a food steamer maintains the structure and texture of the food as it only allows steam to cook the dish.

Doesn’t Require Oil

Food steamers just use water for the entire cooking process instead of requiring the use of oil. There is no need to worry about your food drying up because the process retains moisture in the steamer, keeping the food wet and moist.

Allows Easy Storage and Cleanup

Food steamers are easy to store and clean. They tend to be less messy when used because there is no oil and other sauces involved in the process that could stick on the trays. The trays in food steamers are safe on the dishwasher and washable by hand.


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