The 11 Simple Steps of Felt Roofing Installation

The rooftop felt is really a durable protective layer of fabric that’s infused with asphalt. This waterproof construction material sits between your roof sheathing and also the final layer of roofing material.

If you’re a savvy DIYer, lounging a felt roof is one thing you can undertake as lengthy while you comprehend the process and you don’t hurry the task. This is some simple steps for felt roofing installation:

1. To begin with, find out the area in which you intend to install the roofing and appraise the area to discover just how much material you’ll need. Take note that there are two kinds of felt roofing, the 15-pound along with the 30-pound. 15-pound felt is easily the most generally used product in the market.

2. Next, you need to clean the rooftop deck well. Please make certain that it’s free of any debris, especially protruding nails along with other objects that may damage the fabric.

3. Replace any rotten or broken material that you simply find on the top deck.

4. Start the felt roofing installation at the end a part of one finish from the roof after which roll the felt lengthwise, for the lower fringe of the rooftop.

5. Leave the low area of the felt to overhand to around half inch to 3 quarters inch, to ensure that water in the roof can drip lower rather of gathering around the decking below it.

6. Nail the finish from the roofing felt and contain the roofing material in position when you unroll all of those other felt roofing.

7. Secure the felt tightly alternatively finish, but make certain you don’t rip it apart. You need to also make certain the felt roofing is flatly organized.

8. The next thing is to nail the felt on the top. Some rubber roofing companies indicate utilizing a simplex or any type of felting nails which have plastic caps.

9. Follow-up with cutting the felt around the opposite ends and moving the felt to the other side while allowing four inches of overlap in the lower layer.

10. Overlap the ridges from the roof to around one feet after which put the felt roofing material in the same manner that you simply did using the opposite sides from the roofing felt.

11. Finally, make certain that you simply cover all of the nail heads by using roofing mastic if you would like these to live there permanently.


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